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Screen Name: Anna of the Light
Age: 33
Overview: I am a professional Spiritual Intutive Healer and life coach. I am here to help all people. Please go join My free newsletter at
Biography: About Anna, Join my free newsletter at and receive free information and tool to use everyday. I first found out about my gifts when I was a little girl, and I would have visions about things and receive messages for people. But I was very young and didn't realize that I was communicating with the Angels. As the years passed, I had many experiences with psychic phenomena. By the time I was a young adult, I began doing psychic readings, but only for friends and family. Then 12 years ago a great tragedy changed the course of my life. As my relationships and finances fell apart and I started losing all sense of inner peace, I doubted what role I had to play in this world. But I clung to the knowledge that I still had my power of clarity, and I prayed for true spiritual guidance. One day I was awakened by a strange light in my bedroom door. I saw an image of an Angel who came to me and said You must help others understand how to connect to God . One week passed and I found myself drawn to people who had taken the path of true spiritual calling. One day I went for a reading and the lady told me that I needed to use my gifts of clairvoyance to help others. I told her that I loved helping people, but didn't know how to start. She showed me, and has become a close personal friend over the past decade. Today, I am doing my life's work. I attract wonderful people into my life, loving relationships, financial success, and true inner peace. This is what I want for you. This is my role. To gently GUIDE YOU to the UNIVERSAL TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE. I want to share something with you. Something very important You deserve to LIVE your DREAMS To truly know the wonder that is YOU When you BELIEVE you can make ANYTHING happen in your life, it WILL happen All you need is someone to help bring out your own beautiful spirit. Seek and you shall find God within. Looking Forward to Speaking to you and Your Angels and Guides! ANNA Call (972)772-9030

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